Project Management and Coordination

Currently, conducting any project, whatever its size, requires the completion of several projects, corresponding to different stages, and more and more this activity involves a complex process of management and coordination of these same projects.
Projects carried out on these different phases are intended to provide, in useful time, the necessary changes to achieve the previous stablished goals, avoiding this way subsequent amendments that may compromise the achievement of the works. In addition, the various design stages also allow to define a set of data and information that, after analyzed, allows a continuity to the subsequent stages.
Unfortunately, the evolution between project phases is not always easy and trouble-free. The speed with which projects should be developed, the miscommunication between teams consequent of a fragmented traditional methodology, the absence of policies, etc. often lead to management and coordination issues. This issues may cause delays in completion of the various project phases and consequently in completing the construction.
The use of BIM models as multidisciplinary team coordination base allows a substantial increase of the efficiency of the project’s management and coordination process compared to the traditional process.
Our experience and methodologies applied to your needs will allow you a substantial improvement of your projects. Together, we will define the policies that will be delivered to all designers. These guidelines, included in the "BIM Execution Plan" will clarify not only each one’s role, as well as what elements each intervenient must deliver and at what time of the project.
On the other hand, during the various phases, our procedures adapted to your needs will allow a better coordination of the projects and of the information prevenient from multiple sources.

At this stage, which aims to propose a first architectural solution through a configuration of the building considering the main programmatic requirements, BIM models can provide valuable information in order to validate the architectural solution presented.
On one hand, the three-dimensional models allow, using simple geometry, an easily communication of the different architectural options, thereby enabling the owner to quickly understand the proposed solutions and guaranteeing he will validate a project he truly knows and understoods.
On the other hand, automatic analyzes to BIM models may not only validate their compliance with the predetermined program as well as automatically indicate some estimates of construction costs.
In these phases, the architecture projects will be developed (containing the definition of the whole environments) and the structural arrangement and general installations of the building are defined.
The application of BIM methodologies will allow, since all information will be assembled in a single database, to coordinate the various specialties more closely. This ensures that the solutions proposed by each specialty are compatible with the remaining ones, avoiding unnecessary changes in future stages of the project design or even construction.
In addition to a better coordination of the different proposals, the proposed BIM solutions will allow to analyze and present with more accuracy and quality the several information implicit at this stage, such as:
- Preliminary definitions and program needs: based on automatic analysis, the solutions proposed by different designers can be analyzed to ensure a perfect alignment with the program defined by the project owner. This program may include a point of view of building standards, areas, goals, functional characteristics, specific furniture, basic facilities and equipment of each space, etc. Through our methodology, these analyzes are now carried out in a fast and secure way.
- Technical resources available and/or desirable: through automatic calculations performed by BIM software based on different models, you can get real-time estimates of hand labor, materials, costs, etc. achieving a quick analysis of the impact of all design modifications.
At this stage, there will developed a set of documents, in an appropriate scale, which represents all the construction elements/services necessary to the exact technical and artistic execution.
The procedures used by ndBIM in Project Management and Coordination allows, at this stage and like in earlier phases, a total alignment of the multiple specialties, avoiding design errors that may result in new revisions when the construction is already on progress. Will also allow a correct and safe quantification of all the necessary resources for the construction of your project.
Furthermore, since all the drawings are extracted from a common and unique database, coordinated and verified, we will ensure full consistency of the documents used during the construction, minimizing the waste of time and resources due to documentation errors.
The use of BIM solutions and our methodology applied to your needs allows to reach, throughout the various stages, a project that is managed and coordinated more correctly, effectively and competently.  

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