BIM Implementation Process 

In order for the organization's success to be possible, there must be a good management of the business processes. It is necessary to identify and properly plan the tasks, determine their priority and describe the respective procedures in order to avoid wasting time, repeating tasks, demotivation and falling productivity and quality.
Processes are, therefore, activities previously established whose objective is determine how the work will be done in an organization. Business processes structured in cooperation, integration and in alignment of all organizational areas are the secret for the success of an organization.
 A process, to be well structured, should take into account:
- People and Organization Culture
- The Information Technology System
- External partners
- The Information flows and the responsibilities of the areas of that flow
Based on a diagnostic, we will design the new processes of the company in order to integrate BIM, adapting the current process to this new reality and paradigm shift. However, we will do it involving the people and regarding to the organization's culture. We will soak our knowledge to your process endowing it of tested methodologies and technologies that support the activities and communication flows between departments and with external partners.

Only after the process is defined, will ndBIM advance with the training of professionals through a plan which is customized to the needs of the customers followed by a pilot project. In this pilot, professionals will be challenged to apply what they have learned on a real project of the company that is already completed in order to mature their skills before moving forward with a real project.

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