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ndBIM Virtual Building is an architect, engineering and project management Consulting and Services company of excellence, specialized in BIM methodology, composed by professionals with over 7 years of BIM Implementation in the field and is the leading Portuguese company in the industry. 
We believe that the migration process for 6D BIM (including 3D, 4D and 5D) can be achieved rap¬idly and without risk when it is carried in an oriented manner. We know the industry, how the com¬panies operate, and their addictions. Our knowledge is not theoretical or was obtained from stan¬dard training of software houses, it was on the other hand created from the knowledge gained from the implementation of BIM in construction companies with international dimension. 
Having strong ethical standards, ndBIM aims to achieve, in every Project, the best results through enhanced capability and experience of its corporate technical and management staff, etched on the trust nurtured over time through an unrelenting commitment towards satisfying its Clients. 
ndBIM monitors the market environment and development, assessing cli¬ent needs & requirements, embracing state of the art techniques in order to systematical¬ly improve our services with innovative and competitive solutions that earn our Clients trust.
Our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full po-tential. ndBIM addresses this challenge by continuing our longstanding commitment and lead¬ership in developing innovative BIM process solutions and building collaborative relationships with a wide range of organizations to raise awareness of the importance of BIM to the industry. 
ndBIM provides consultancy and services to the building construction industry. Building own-ers, designers, general contractors, construction managers and facility managers use our consultancy and our services to reduce risk, manage costs and optimize schedules on complex building projects.
Our professionals were pioneer in using BIM for Construction, and our BIM workflow is supported in the most innovative IT solutions, remaining the industry’s most integrated approach to design, co¬ordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, production control and facili¬ty management. The benefits of our process have been proven on dozens of building projects to date. Since its establishment, ndBIM has attained outspoken credibility and reputation, nationally and internationally, through its ethical standards, integrity and capability, which became the main induce¬ment for its multidisciplinary team to become increasingly efficient, professional and competitive.

ndBIM Portugal Foundation

December 2013

Brazil First Contract

January 2014

Angola First Contract

February 2014

Portugal First Contract

August 2014
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