The Organizational Diagnosis is the first step in a consulting process and aims to provide the company the necessary conditions for the development and improvement so that their performance reaches higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness.
Through the diagnostic we will proceed collecting company information. In addition to performing the analysis of the internal and external environment of the company, through the Diagnostics we will be able to identify priority areas of focus.
Diagnostic is a tool to raise all aspects of a company which are important for a future BIM implementation, including:
- Workflows
- Responsibilities
- Procedures
- Rules of quantities takeoff
- Templates
- Existing technologies
- ...
So, your main goal is to identify, through objective questions, difficulties and opportunities for the company to grow, develop and become more competitive and efficient.
Through that diagnostic we will be able to:
- Set key performance indicators and goals that we want to achieve. A key performance indicator (KPI) is a management tool to perform the measurement and the consequent level of performance and success of an implementation. A phrase that is normally attributed to Peter Drucker, who is considered the father of modern administration, is that "what is not measured cannot be managed."
- Set processes which are supported in BIM that answer to the organization's characteristics and allows enhancing the strong points of the company and eliminating or mitigating their weaknesses.
If you have doubts of how BIM can benefit your company and what might be the return of a BIM implementation, you can initially hire our diagnostic services. In the end we will deliver a report where we will map the major flows of your business together with areas where BIM can benefit your company and an estimate of the expected return based on the information gathered.

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