Data Mining

Currently, the information is becoming increasingly important, being a differential of success. It is the guide light for opportunities and it is also the signaling of threats which the company is subject, because it reduces the uncertainties during the process of decision and, consequently, it increase the quality.
The difference of companies and professionals is directly linked to the value which they give to the information, to knowledge and how they use it in meeting and through the market demands.
The modern management requires that the decision process be made with the maximum information and knowledge, which are the key of the productivity and competitiveness.
Over the years, construction companies have accumulated a set of information (unit prices, productivities, inputs, critical activities, etc.) which need to be transformed into knowledge that can be used to increase their competitive advantage and their commercial activity. In an increasingly competitive market it is important to improve the resources management and reduce the risk by learning with the good practices and past mistakes. The lack of information gives loopholes to errors and miss opportunities.
Through this service we will study all the databases that the companies have accumulated over the years (budgets, plans, site history productivities, etc.) so as to constitute a single database of unified and standardized data which can safely be used in future projects.
BIM is based on shared information database between all areas of the company. Therefore, the quality of input information will dictate the quality of output that we will get and the success or failure of our project.

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