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Produce more, better, faster, consuming fewer resources. this is a reality that we face every day, regardless of our education, experience or activity. The world has changed! The global financial and economic situation, the exponential development of new technologies and the reduction, over the past decades, of the weekly workload are some of the key factors that have led companies to put in the forefront of their concerns notions like productivity and quality. At this change, construction companies were no exception. 

A Methodology for an Advanced Scheduling potentiated by BIM

Throughout the construction industry evolution, both owners and builders looked for an ideal planning methodology that allows them to effectively control the entire development of their projects and therefore lead them to success. This article does not present that ideal solution, however it indicates a more efficient alternative, to the means normally used, while adding a new variable – the project locations.  

The next obvious step on BIM: Facility Management

Over the past years, we have witnessed a tremendous effort made by the Owners in the increased importance given to the buildings operation and maintenance phase. This effort has also been made in changing the way that the life cycle of a building is seen, with regard to the costs of the several phases. According to some reports, only about 15% of the total costs of a building are applied in the construction phase. Not forgetting the huge effort by the Owner to reverse this scenario, there is still much to do.

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